Children in Need 2012

Ribble Valley Juniors - Guild Wheel ride 2012pudseyOnce again Children in Need was well suppported by Ribble Valley Junior’s members, with the annual night ride and this year an additional ride around the Preston Guild Wheel cycle route for the junior members and family.

First on Saturday 10/11/2012 was the Guild Wheel ride attended by approximately 38 Junior members, parents, and helpers.

Good ride, well supported, in bright sunny weather around the Guild Wheel for Children in Need.

Thanks, to Kevin for the concept, to the road crew for dealing with road safety including the odd /decidedly odd motorist, to Ian and Dot for support and goodies and the young riders who did so well-2hrs 50m for 21Miles.

Looks like this could be another RVJ Children in Need annual event.

Secondly on Friday 16/11/2012 was the night ride, this again was well supported with about 48 participants despite the damp weather.

The two events together raised over £3000 with about £550 of that from the Guild Wheel ride.

I’ll finish with a few words from Kevin Suart who organised both rides.

Congratulations !!!!


Children in Need total amount raised for the Saturday morning kids Guild Wheel Challenge & adults night ride.

Please find attached Children in Need HSBC Bank receipt for the monies I have paid in on our Clubs behalf £3120.98

On behalf of Ribble Valley Juniors and Children in Need Appeal, can I say a massive THANK YOU for your efforts; they are VERY MUCH appreciated!!!!!!

Thank you & Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Yours in Cycling




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