Maintenance – Puncture Repair

bike_maintenanceThis is the first of what may become a series of occassional posts about various bicycle maintenance subjects. The aim of each will be to give links to pages and videos about a specific subject to help newer and less technically minded members.

For a text description we suggest that you have a read of the following article on the British Cycling website Ten easy steps to help fix your puncture .

For those who prefer to watch videos, the first of these describes how to remove and re-fit a wheel (the front wheel is very similar but without a chain in the way).

The second video shows how to remove and then replace an inner tube.

Please let us have your feedback on this article and whether or not you would like to see more of them and on what subjects. Also if you’ve found an article elsewhere that you think should be included here please let us know and we can take a look and possibly add it.