Racing FAQ

CRW_9286If you are first timers to racing or even old hands but are still not too sure about racing then this is where we will try to answer some of your questions about how to go cycle racing in the youth categories.

Racing Licence.

To be able to compete in most racing at club level you will need to be a member of British Cycling and hold a valid racing licence.

For some races you are able to get a day licence if you want to find out if racing is for you (check with the organising club if you can do so). Details of membership and licences can be found at


Youth and Junior riders are restricted to different gear sizes. The size of gear is given in the table below (taken from BC Rule Book section 3.3 gear Restrictions).Lengths quoted in the table refer to the maximum distance covered for one whole revolution of the crank when the bike is rolled backwards (video clip). Gears can be restricted by ‘screwing down’ front or rear gear mechanisms to limit travel.



Road Racing Track Racing Roller Racing
Junior 7.93






A 6.91 6.91 7.93
B 6.45 6.45 7.40
C 6.05 6.05 6.94
D 5.40 for all events
E 5.10 for all events

A more comprehensive guide to the gear restrictions and how to test your bike is contained in the following pdf file from British Cycling Gear Restrictions Guide


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