Summer Velodrome Sessions – 2017

Weekly Velodrome coaching session.

Hi everyone,

The Manchester track training cluster starts on Tuesday 11th April and runs every Tuesday until the end of September.

The entry for the first session opens on Wednesday 5th April

All the information is in the flyer attached. Please pass on to the riders in your club.

It’s carefully worded to say that riders should be at accreditation, which means they don’t need to be accredited but they should be at the level where they would be. It just allows riders who are waiting for their accreditation session to come rather than having to wait. Riders below accreditation level won’t be ready for this session and should stick with the Go-Ride clusters until they’re ready.

For 2017 the only major change for the riders is that junior girls can attend if they wish. This is due to there being less opportunities for junior girls to be coached and to help their progression into the senior ranks.

If any coaches wish to come along and get involved with the coaching please let me know as for 2017 the sessions will be overseen by me but will be coached by club coaches, so they’re a really good opportunity for track qualified coaches to practice their coaching.


GBCT Coach, Foundation

Manchester Track Training Cluster 2017