2014 Tuesday Night Coaching

Ribble Valley Juniors LogocdnwRIBBLE VALLEY JUNIORS
Tuesdays, 6 May to 2 Sept 2014
@6:00pm, 1 and 2 hour sessions.

20130903_190856The ever popular Tuesday evening Cycling Coaching Sessions for youth riders return for 2014, run by willing volunteers from the Ribble Valley Juniors Cycling Club and supported by Cycling Development North West.

2014 Registration Form

Tuesday coaching sessionThe sessions will follow a similar format to previous years with the aim to develop riders’ cycle racing skills, from novices to those wishing to compete at a high level.

The sessions will focus on the key skills needed to be able to participate safely, competently and successfully in road racing events.

2014 Time Trial Times

Week 1 Novice wk1 Inter wk1 Advanced wk1
Week 2 Novice wk2 Inter wk2 Advanced wk2
Week 3 Novice wk3 Inter wk3 Advanced wk3
Week 4 Novice wk4 Inter wk4 Advanced wk4
Week 5 Novice wk5 Inter wk5 Advanced wk5
Week 6 Novice wk6 Inter wk6 Advanced wk6
Week 7
Novice wk7 Inter wk7 Advanced wk7
Week 8
Novice wk8 Inter wk8 Advanced wk8
Week 9
Novice wk9 Inter wk9 Advanced wk9
Week 10
Novice wk10 Inter wk10 Advanced wk10 positions
Week 11
Novice wk11 Inter wk11 Advanced wk11
Week 12
Novice wk12 Inter wk12 Advanced wk12
Week 13
Novice wk13 Inter wk13 Advanced wk13
Week 14
Novice wk14 Inter wk14 Adv wk14
Week 15
Novice wk15 Inter wk15 Adv wk15
Week 16
Novice wk16 Inter wk16 Adv wk16
Week 17
Novice wk17 Inter wk17 Adv wk17
Week 18
Novice wk18 Inter wk18 Adv wk18
Week 18 Races
Inter & Advanced Last Night Races


Session Format

A change this year, aimed at improving the focus of the coaching and to cater for a range of abilities, riders will be strictly allocated to one of three groups. Movement between groups will be by coach agreement only.

  • Novice group. 1 hour session + Time Trial, 6-7 pm. £2.00.
    Aimed at those new to cycling, young riders and / or those without a road bike.
  • Intermediate group. 1 hour session + Time Trial, 6-7 pm. £2.00.
    Aimed at riders with road bikes, with basic skills and fitness, but not yet ready for the advanced group.
  • Advanced group. Time Trial + 1 hour session, 7-8pm. £2.00. For riders who already compete regularly or are about to. Riders must meet all of the following criteria to join this group:
    1. Complete a sub 3:00 Time Trial
    2. Assessed by a coach as competent and safe when riding in a bunch
    3. Be able to ride with (and own) clipless pedals – e.g. SPD, Look, Time, etc.

cdnw-southport_0061You can check your Time Trial time from last year HERE


  • To be able to take part all riders must wear a suitable, cycling specific helmet and have a bike in safe working order.
  • Riders in the Advanced group are welcome to join the intermediate session for an additional £1.50, for an extended workout and to pass on their skills and experience.
  • Take part in 12 sessions and get the rest of the season for free.
  • In the unlikely event that numbers exceed capacity, priority for places at the session will be allocated on the following order of priority:
  1. Riders from a British Cycling ‘GO-RIDE’ club from the North West cluster*.
  2. Riders with a current B.C. Racing Licence.
  3. Riders with a current B.C. membership.
  4. Others

(*Blackpool Youth Cycling Association, Bolton Hot Wheels, Cycle Sport Pendle, Red Rose Olympic, Ribble Valley Juniors)

Please use the 2014 Registration Form linked from this page. It would be of great help if as many people as possible could pre-register to save time and congestion on the first of the sessions. Please note that although I can accept these returned by e-mail, they must have a parent / guardian signature on them, so it would have to be a scanned in copy.

If you cannot return a scanned copy, my next preference is for you to hand your forms in at one of the following pre-registration sessions where those of you who were unable to attend the last session of last year can collect your time-trial medals at the same time. These sessions will be held as follows:

  •  Sat 26th April, Preston Sports Arena, 10:30 to 11:30.
  • Sat 26th April, Walton le Dale CP School 12:00 to 12:45
  • Thur 1st May, Preston Sports Arena, 19:00 to 20:00
  • Sat 3rd May, Walton le Dale CP School 11:30 to 12:15

At the Sports Arena (PR2 1SG) we will be in the Meeting Room above the main reception.

Walton le Dale CP School (Severn Drive, PR5 4TD) is located south of Preston near J29 of the M6 so is closer for those living south of the region.

We hope to see as many of you as possible during the coming season.

For more information, please contact Chris Waters:
Tel: 07984 070367
e-mail: chris.waters@rvjuniors.co.uk
To book a place please Fill in the Form and bring it along to one of the registration sessions (preferable), e-mail to above address or bring it along on your first night.
Forms must be signed by a Parent / Guardian.


Previous year’s information and Time Trial times can be found here:

2012 Time Trial times
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