News Round Up – 14/10/2013

lbtf-2A few notes about meeting dates  and other news.

19/10/2013 – Saturday ride from Rivington.
16/11/2013 – No Saturday ride.

More details …

Saturday 19th October

We intend to ride starting at Rivington

>>>>Parking/Start point on the road (The Avenue) opposite the Barn and Go-Ape area.10am start as usual.

Children in Need

Please see the separate news post for further details, however please note that there will be no ride on Saturday 16th November as Friday 15th November is the annual Children in Need night ride which will run into the early hours of Saturday.

Lewis Balyckyi Ride

The Lewis Balyckyi ride was well supported by RVJ members-some 30 club members and guests helped or rode in the various events.  Was RVJ Tom aged 9 years the youngest to complete the 70km Man and Boy event?

NW Cluster Groups

For 20/10/2013: See email below (in italics) from Tom Leivers which confirms places. Note there are still places available -see below. Note there are still places available and  Accredited riders are encouraged to attend.Remember to book your bike!!

‘Please find below a list  of the attendees for each group and the respective clubs as of this morning.

If you could check members you have identified as wanting to attend have applied on line and if not chase them up there are now only a few places in the Green/Amber group but quite a few in the red group for any novices that want to try the track. We need the novices coming in at the bottom to move on through the groups. Accredited riders are still encouraged to attend until they begin racing.’
RVJ confirmed attendees:

Amber/Green- Matthew W., Georgie W., Rebecca and Sarah G.

Red/Amber-     Luke F., Llewys C., Andrew L.

Red-                   William G., Thomas P.

Halloween / Hallowheel

Date 1/11/2013. Time-any between 5.30and 7.00pm. Sign on at Baffito’s. Pay £5 to charity:Katy Holmes Trust. Ride the 21miles Guild Wheel . Call back at Baffito’s for  Chilli and Rice. Click graphic below for full details.